Manage advisors, revenue, fee for service and clients with a fully integrated system.
Manage referrers, compliance, revenue, fee for service and clients from a single interface.
Manage revenue and key performance indicators from a single interface.
Have confidence in your data.
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  • Compliance

    Planr is the integrated solution to manage Opt IN and FDS compliance tasks for Dealers and Advisors. Gain insight and have full visibility of non-compliance breaches. Monitor, track and fix breaches when they occur, rather than slipping through the cracks.

  • Confidence

    Visibility of your data and having confidence in your data is essential to understanding your clients. So much data is provided to Dealers and Advisers today that only a system built with leading edge technology can handle the analysis now and into the future. PlanR gives you the confidence you expect from a robust system.

  • Control

    The many facets of life in the financial services industry are demanding. Only when you are in control of your data can you successfully manage your clients and deliver an outstanding customer service experience. Your data is the key to controlling your destiny by gaining insight into your customers policy and investment requirements. Be in control, be successful.

Why Planr?

What makes Planr the best solution on the market? See for yourself!

  • In The Cloud

    Totally integrated online cloud solution, no other software required.

  • Automated Compliance

    Audit, track and automate compliance management.

  • Customer Insights

    Gain insight and visibility on clients and their needs.

  • Powerful Reporting

    Streamline and reduce administration, process data once and view it multiple ways.

  • Simplify Management

    Manage Advisors, Referrers, Support Staff and clients through a single interface.

  • Protection & Control

    Implement controls for protection of your business.

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About Planr

The level of frustration that an Advisor feels when trying to analyse and gain a 360-degree insight into their clients is only paralleled by the frustration a Dealer has when trying to calculate commission splits, payments, compliance and performance.

Advisors spend hours collating multiple sources of information, to determine basic metrics, on commissions earned, client performance, referrer earnings all while trying to be compliant with ASIC regulations. Time better spent on finding new customers and managing the existing client base.

Dealers spend many more hours attempting to provide meaningful information to Advisors while balancing time between revenue administration, compliance enforcement and Advisor management. Time better spent on driving the existing business and generating growth.

Planr is the solution!

Visibility of your data is essential to understanding your clients. There is so much data for every policy that it can be difficult to know if it is all there in the system. Planr has streamlined dashboards offering full insight into your data. Coupled with detailed reports and screens your information is viewable

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Here are just a handful of features built in to Planr that will help your business growth dramatically.

  • Compliance Management

    Online Opt In and Financial Disclosure Statement Processing

  • Unifed Solution

    Single piece of software, reducing administration and hassle

  • Referral Management

    Track and report on unlimited referrers against each individual policy

  • Xero & MYOB Integration

    Built in integration to leading accounting systems Xero & MYOB

  • Smart Grouping

    Smart grouping for clients and providers, organise and manage data easily.

  • Fee for Service

    Fee for Service generation including credit card payments

We specialise in servicing...

Self licensed financial planners

Financial planners transitioning to their own AFS Licence

Independant, niche, and boutique licensee groups

Independent Dealer groups empowered to choose their own software technology

Supported Integration

That's right! Planr integrates natively with these vendors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get asked before purchase!

  • 1. Does Planr provide support with their product?

    Yes! Support is available by email, phone, remote access or site visit depending on your requirements. Please note that support is not included as part of the monthly subscription and is an optional add-on available to you at the time of sign up at a discounted rate.

  • 2. Does Planr support customisations so we can fit the software to our business?

    Yes! Planr have a team of developers on-hand who are available to add features or modify parts of the system to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for any queries regarding your customisations.

  • 3. Can I integrate Planr with other systems I use?

    Yes! By default, Planr can integrate with Braintree, MYOB and Xero. Planr can integrate to almost any other system because of our leading edge technology ‘open systems’ approach. If you want to integrate to Planr with another system, please contact us.

  • 4. Are backups included in my subscription?

    Yes! Backups are definitely included. Planr is backed up and replicated regularly both on-premises as well as off-site in order to defend against a total system failure or destruction caused by uncontrollable events such as a fire or severe weather.

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