Countdown has begun


In just a few months from now, when the royal commission releases its final report, the financial planning industry as we know it will be reformed. The way financial planners conduct business will be changed forever.

CoreData are predicting that over 20% of all advisors ‘may plan to exit the industry’ due to this change.  With over 5000 advisors leaving the industry in the near future, how will the existing advisors cope with this shortage?

Many businesses will be taken over or close, and many advisors will leave bigger institutions for smaller boutique financial planning firms. With all this turmoil going on, the key to your future success will simply come down to operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency is only possible with automation and reducing the software platforms you touch.

The huge administration burden for financial planners can be greatly reduced by using Planr.  Planr is the solution for Dealers, Advisors and Referrers. Gain valuable insights into your data, manage compliance (FDS & Opt In), generate, process and pay commissions are only a few of the options available. Integrate with leading accounting solutions and CRM for even more efficiency.

Spend more time on potential clients, have confidence in your systems and control your destiny.